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Alpha Phi Omega 21 Inch Blank Greek Letter Paddle

SKU: 971-Alpha Phi Omega
UPC: 971

Letter Paddle Description

Our brand new Greek Letter Paddle is a unique and fun option for creating a personally customized Fraternity or Sorority paddle.
Whether you're creating a Pledge, Crossing, or Date themed paddle, our extensive wooden paddle and plaque accessory selection can help you make it the best paddle ever! Oak Oiled Finish. Available for most national groups.

Have fun designing! Shop our "Paddle Decorations" to customize your paddle with Paddle Paint Markers and a wide variety of wooden accessories including letters, phrases and sayings, mascots, frames and other fun symbols to make an awesome pledge paddle your fraternity brothers or sorority sisters are sure to envy. All of our wooden accessories have Peel-n-Stick permanent backing. No messy glue required!

Height: 21" Width: 6 1/2" Depth: 3/4"

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